ENSsys 2021

in conjunction with ACM SenSys 2021

9th International Workshop on Energy Harvesting & Energy-Neutral Sensing Systems

November 17, 2021

Technical Programme

ENSsys will be run in a hybrid format this year. For this reason, we are operating on a slightly compressed schedule to maximize accessibility across time zones.

Remote attendees can join via Zoom, here.

For realtime chat with attendees or the ENSsys organizers, please use the SenSys / BuildSys 2021 Slack.

For those unable to attend synchronously, we will be recording the opening remarks and the demo spotlights. To promote and ensure free and open discussion, we will not be recording during the demo village or the workshop sessions.


The ENSsys schedule is designed to co-ordinate where possible with the full SenSys schedule.

WET (Coimbra local) EST (US/Eastern) PST (US/Pacific) IST (Indian Standard) CST (China Standard) Session Recorded?
UTC+0 UTC-5 UTC-8 UTC+5:30 UTC+8
Welcome & Opening Remarks 15:00-15:10 10:00-10:10 7:00-7:10 20:30-20:40 23:00-23:10 Yes
Spotlight Demo Sessions 15:10-16:10 10:10-11:10 7:10-8:10 20:40-21:40 23:10-00:10 Yes
Energy Harvesting Village & Coffee Break 16:10-17:00 11:10-12:00 8:10-9:00 21:40-22:30 00:10-1:00 No
Workshop Sessions 17:00-18:30 12:00-13:30 9:00-10:30 22:30-00:00 1:00-2:30 No

Full Programme

Demo Session & Energy Harvesting Village

This session will spotlight and showcase real-world, working energy-harvesting and energy-neutral systems. To accommodate the hybrid nature of the event, we will kick off the session with a series of spotlights of each of the demos. After the spotlights, attendees can visit demos for more details via physical attendance at demo setups or checking in to demo-specific video conferencing rooms.

The open demo session is timed to overlap with the coffee break for all workshops, so demo presenters are encouraged to try to hang around near their demos such that attendees of other SenSys workshops may have an opportunity to visit your demo.

We have arranged the schedule of spotlights to optimize for hybrid operation. We will first “tour” the in-person demos, with on-site personnel visiting each demo in turn and carrying a camera for remote attendees. We will then have the in-person folks come together for a viewing of the remote demos. During the village, we will have user-selectable breakouts for the remote demos. In-person demos will also have a breakout room, where they can use the chat feature to interact with remote participants (possibly video/audio as well, but we expect the crowded nature of the in-person demo environment to make text chat the better option).

WET (Coimbra local) Presenter Modality
15:10-15:20 In Person Demo: Energy-Aware Battery-Less Bluetooth Low Energy Device Prototype Powered By Ambient Light
15:20-15:30 In Person Demo: Demonstration of an Energy-Aware Task Scheduler for Battery-Less IoT Devices
15:30-15:40 In Person Demo: RF Power Transmission: Energy Harvesting for Self-Sustaining Miniaturized Sensor Nodes
15:40-15:50 In Person Demo: A Battery-Free Long-Range Wireless Smart Camera for Face Recognition (Best Demo Winner, Community Choice)
15:50-16:00 Remote Demo: Powering an E-Ink Display from Soil Bacteria (Best Demo Winner, Organizer's Choice)
16:00-16:10 Remote Demo: A Simulation and Prototyping Toolkit for Airflow Energy Harvesting in Vehicles
16:10-17:00 Hybrid Open Village & Coffee Break

Workshop Sessions

For paper authors, ENSsys will adopt a discussion-oriented workshop format. Paper authors will give a short overview of their ideas and prompts for discussion.

Given the challenges of hybrid-based discussions, the plan is to have two workshop breakouts, one for online attendees and one for in-person attendees.

In-person Track Remote Track
WET (Coimbra local) WET (Coimbra local)
17:00-17:30 Joint Energy Management for Distributed Energy Harvesting Systems 17:00-17:30 Autonomous Energy Status Sharing and Synchronization for Batteryless Sensor Networks
17:30-18:00 RESERVE: Remote Attestation of Intermittent IoT devices 17:30-18:00 Persistent Timekeeping Using Harvested Power Measurements
18:00+ Open Discussion & ENSsys Business 18:00-18:30 Designing a General Purpose Development Platform for Energy-harvesting Applications
18:30+ Open Discussion & ENSsys Business