ENSSys 2013

in conjunction with SenSys 2013

1st International Workshop on Energy Neutral Sensing Systems

November 14, 2013

Technical Programme

The ENSSys 2013 technical programme is shown below:

09:00 Welcome Message
09:10 Keynote: "The newest multi-source ultra-low power energy harvester and battery charger with embedded MPPT algorithm from STMicroelectronics"
Alessandro Nicosia (ST Microelectronics, Italy)
Abstract: The SPV1050 is the new power manager enhancing the energy-wise fully autonomous wireless sensor node concept. In fact the MPPT algorithm allows the power extraction maximization from photovoltaic cells or thermoelectric generators, while minimizing the power losses and embedding two fully independent LDOs.
Alessandro will also be giving a demo of this technology during the ENSSys demo session at 15:40.
Session 1: "Energy modelling and forecasting"
Session Chair: Geoff V Merrett (University of Southampton, UK)
09:40 "Solar harvest prediction supported by cloud cover forecasts"
C Renner (University of Luebeck, Germany)
10:00 "Comparison of energy update models for wireless sensor nodes with supercapacitors"
A Kailas (Algorithms, Models, and Systems Solutions, LLC, USA), D Brunelli (Universita di Trento, Italy), M Ann Wietnauer (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
10:20 "Power management for long-term sensing applications with energy harvesting"
P Sommer (CSIRO, Australia), B Kusy (CSIRO, Australia), R Jurdak (CSIRO, Australia)
10:40 "Stochastic modeling and analysis of wireless sensor nodes with hybrid storage systems"
M M I Rajib (UNC Charlotte, USA), A Kailas (Algorithms, Models, and Systems Solutions, LLC, USA), D Brunelli (Universita di Trento, Italy)
11:00 Coffee Break
Session 2: "Circuits, Applications and Tools"
Session Chair: tbd
11:30 "A rotating machine acoustic emission monitoring system powered by multi-source energy harvester"
W Wang (Tyndall National Institute, Ireland), A Vinco (Tyndall National Institute, Ireland), N Pavlov (Tyndall National Institute, Ireland), N Wang (Tyndall National Institute, Ireland), M Hayes (Tyndall National Institute, Ireland), C O'Mathuna (Tyndall National Institute, Ireland)
11:50 "Improving the efficiency of air-flow energy harvesters combining active and passive rectifiers"
D Porcarelli (University of Bologna, Italy), D Brunelli (University of Trento), L Benini (University of Bologna)
12:10 "GreenCastalia: an energy-harvesting-enabled framework for the Castalia simulator"
D Benedetti (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy), C Petrioli (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy), D Spenza (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)
12:30 "Wireless sensor networks for environmental monitoring powered by microprocessor heat dissipation"
L Rizzon (University of Trento, Italy), M Rossi (University of Trento, Italy), R Passerone (University of Trento, Italy), D Brunelli (University of Trento, Italy)
12:50 Lunch
13:50 Keynote: "Autonomous small-scale electronic devices: how to bridge the gap between energy required and energy available"
Prof. Luca Gammaitoni (NiPS Laboratory, University of Perugia, Italy)
Abstract: The powering of autonomous small scale electronic devices has become the objective of a large research effort worldwide. In this talk we review what are the fundamental limits that set the gap between energy available and energy required to power such devices.
Session 3: "Algorithms and Protocols"
Session Chair: Davide Brunelli (University of Trento, Italy)
14:20 "Modeling and implementation of energy neutral sensing systems"
M Szczodrak (Columbia University, USA), O Gnawali (University of Houston, USA), L Carloni (Columbia University, USA)
14:40 "Ultra low power asynchronous MAC protocol using wake-up radio for energy neutral WSN"
T N Le (University of Rennes 1, INRIA, France), M Magno (University College Cork, Ireland), A Pegatoquet (LEAT, Univeristy of Nice, France), O Berder (University of Rennes 1, INRIA, France), O Sentieys (INRIA, University of Rennes 1), E Popovici (University College Cork, Ireland)
15:00 "Opportunistic energy trading between co-located energy-harvesting wireless sensor networks"
T Jiang (University of Southampton, UK), G V Merrett (University of Southampton, UK), N Harris (University of Southampton, UK)
15:20 "Idleness as a resource in energy-neutral WSNs"
A Bogliolo (University of Urbino, Italy), E Lattanzi (University of Urbino, Italy), V Freschi (University of Urbino, Italy)
15:40 Coffee Break and Demo Session
"Demo Abstract: Harvesting energy from aircraft power lines"
T Toh (Imperial College London, UK), S Wright (Imperial College London, UK), M Kiziroglou (Imperial College London, UK), E Yeatman (Imperial College London, UK), P Mitcheson (Imperial College London, UK)
"Demo Abstract: Heterogeneous multi-harvester for wireless sensor networks"
D Porcarelli (DEI - University of Bologna, Italy), M Magno (DEI - University of Bologna, Italy), D Brunelli (University of Trento, Italy), L Benini (DEI - University of Bologna, Italy)
"Demo Abstract: Self-powered wireless energy meter"
D Brunelli ((University of Trento, Italy), D Porcarelli (Wispes srl, Italy), D Balsamo (University of Bologna, Italy), M Rossi (University of Trento, Italy)
"Demo Abstract: Powering wireless sensor nodes with micro fuel cells"
M Magno (DEI, Universita di Bologna, Italy), D Brunelli (University of Trento, Italy), L Benini (DEI, University of Bologna, Italy), R Giuffrida (STMicroelectronics, Italy), S Leonardi (STMicroelectronics, Italy), A Lazzara (STMicroelectronics, Italy)
"Demo Abstract: M3: a mm-scale wireless energy harvesting sensor platform"
P Pannuto (University of Michigan, USA), Y Lee (University of Michigan, USA), Z Foo (University of Michigan, USA), D Blaauw (University of Michigan, USA), P Dutta (University of Michigan, USA)
"Demo Abstract: Tunable vibration energy harvester"
A Weddell (University of Southampton, UK), D Zhu (University of Southampton, UK), G V Merrett (University of Southampton, UK), S Beeby (University of Southampton, UK), B M Al-Hashimi (University of Southampton, UK)
"Demo Abstract: Multi-source power manager for super-capacitor based energy harvesting WSN"
T-N Le (University of Rennes 1, INRIA, France), A Pegatoquet (LEAT, University of Nice, France), O Berder (University of Rennes 1, INRIA, France), O Sentieys (INRIA, University of Rennes 1, France)
"Demo Abstract: Wireless noncontact temperature measurement system powered by intentional human action"
D Alghisi (University of Brescia, Italy), M Ferrari (University of Brescia, Italy), V Ferrari (University of Brescia, Italy)
17:00 Close